From Paris to Madrid, from Cuzco to Istanbul, from Madras to Hong Kong, Michael experienced a vast array of cultures and peoples – rich with visual impressions - all before his 14th birthday.

“I believe due to my vast travels and the enormous amount of visual input, this gave me a certain unique perspective on life, beauty and people,” explains Michael, about what led him to his career as a photographer and director. 

Michael’s first experience as a professional photographer was in Bosnia, where he captured images of war-torn areas and the relief efforts of the UN, International Red Cross, various NGOs for news organizations such as Newsweek , The Times, AP. His work brought him to war zones, refugee camps, and hospitals. Visiting as many as five countries a month, he surveyed first-hand the distraught areas of Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Having lived in or visited almost fifty countries and 5 languages, Michael finally returned to the USA in his mid-twenties. At this point, his work moved from photo-journalism to creative photography and advertising. Eventually, his focus turned to fashion photography and advertising. “My work so far had been capturing situations I’d see, but at this point I turned my energy to creating a concept, capturing it, and delivering it to a certain market.” This new path led Michael to work on campaigns featured in Flaunt, GQ, ELLE, and numerous other magazines.

Michael continues to broaden his sphere of experience and success. His most recent work is diverse and includes significant contribution in areas from fashion to automobiles, to documentary work.

Michael currently resides in Miami Beach, Florida and specializes in fashion, editorial, and advertising photography and directing. He is also a partner in Miami Daylight Studios in South Beach.



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